We know this is a frustrating outcome!

There are a number of reasons we might not be able to process your foreign credit history. For example:

  1. You do not have a credit history in your prior home country.

  2. You have some credit history in your prior country, but there is not enough data to produce a full credit report (this is known as a "thin file").You did not correctly enter your personal information (such as: name, date of birth, foreign address, foreign ID number), which means that we could not match your request to your foreign credit history.

  3. You did not correctly answer the verification questions presented to you. These are called "out of wallet" questions and are based on the information contained in the foreign bureau’s files. If you do not answer them correctly, we will not be able to verify your identity, and therefore the foreign bureau will not give us a copy of your report. This is how Nova Credit and the foreign bureau verify that it is actually you who's making the request, and not someone pretending to be you! Note that the verification process may be slightly different depending on which bureau and country you requesting your credit report from. 

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