If you believe that you mis-entered any information, you may complete the Nova Credit request form a second time. Some hints and tips:

  • Be sure that every piece of information is correct. If you’ve recently had a life event (e.g., changed your name), be sure to use the name that you used when you lived outside of the US. Or if you’d registered a change of address within your old country but it’s recent, try using the address where you lived for a longer time.

  • Middle names are generally not needed (that’s why we don’t have a separate box for it). However, some countries (e.g., South Korea) do require your full legal name, so in that case you will need to enter your full name according to a government identification.

  • Check old bank or credit card statements to confirm information related to the verification questions.

  • For ID numbers, check that the document is currently valid (expired IDs will not work).

Note that you may get locked out after too many attempts, at which point you must wait 24 hours to try again. Please email help@novacredit.com with any questions, or if you are unsure how to try again.

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