We can still help you get a copy of your report!

To receive a copy of your Credit Passport®, please complete this form and provide the requested identity verification documentation. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully and provide all requested documentation for us to locate your credit report and process your request.

There are two reasons you may be having trouble.

Link expired

First, for security reasons, the link is only good for 72 hours. If this has happened, email help@novacredit.com and we’ll be able to send you a new link if it’s within a week of when you originally received the email with your report. If it’s been more than a week, email us anyway and we can still help.


Second, you need to correctly enter some identifying information in order to unlock the report download. If you are not sure what the right answer is or if you mis-enter information three times, you will get locked out. Nova Credit Support will still be able to help, send us an email at help@novacredit.com.

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