If you believe the information in your Credit Passport® is inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise incorrect, you can initiate a dispute with Nova Credit by downloading and submitting our Dispute Request Form. Prior to returning it to us, please ask Nova to help you set up an encrypted email channel.

Alternatively, you can initiate a dispute directly with the foreign data provider. Because your credit information is originally provided by a foreign credit bureau, you can contact them directly at any point. You can find contact information for our bureau partners here.

If you would prefer to initiate a dispute with Nova Credit via mail, please mail your dispute request to Nova Credit, along with any supporting document(s), to:

Nova Credit Inc.

Attn: Consumer Disputes

PO Box 77188

San Francisco, CA 94107


Provided that we have your foreign credit file on record, we will initiate an investigation upon receipt of your request. In most cases, because Nova Credit receives credit history from our foreign data partners, we will refer your request for investigation to the relevant foreign bureau. You may need to provide additional information to the foreign bureau for them to resolve the dispute. We will provide you with information about what you may need in order to provide correct information on your report and how best to submit this to the foreign bureaus.

‍We care about resolving these issues as efficiently as possible. We process all disputes filed with us within 30 days unless applicable law permits us more time, and will send you a copy of your updated report if any corrections were made as a result of your request to us.

‍Please note that any information that is verified as accurate will not be removed from your report. If the investigation does not resolve the dispute, the relevant foreign bureau provider may instruct you regarding your option to make a statement of dispute on your report.

If you have any general questions, feel free to contact us at help@novacredit.com. Please do not send us any sensitive personal information or dispute documentation by email.

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