The application process differs by credit card provider. Generally, for U.S. credit card applications that utilize Nova Credit:

Before you apply:

  1. Check your home country credit score to see if you qualify for premium cards: If you’re unsure about your home country credit score, you can check it before applying. If you’re from Australia or India, you can use Ellis by Nova Credit to check your home country credit score for free. We also provide you with personalized credit card recommendations based on your home country credit score.

  2. If you’re from Canada, Mexico or the UK, you can check your credit score on the websites of your home country bureau (click for Canada, Mexico or the UK). If you have a good credit score, you likely qualify for our premium cards.

  1. Your U.S. credit file should not be older than 6 months: Generally speaking, our credit card partners will evaluate your application based on your U.S. credit file first. If you already have one, you will not be able to use your home country's credit history via Nova Credit. Your U.S. credit report typically gets established once you’ve opened your first credit account (e.g. through a U.S. credit card or loan). To check whether you already have a U.S. credit report, you can use to access your credit file and review whether it contains a credit score.

  2. Card selection: Visit the Nova Credit credit card shop to explore the cards we recommend for newcomers. Once you’ve selected the card you’d like, click the "Apply Now" button to be redirected to the credit card partner and fill out the application form on their website. If you are from Australia or India, you can also see personalized card recommendations after you sign up at Ellis by Nova Credit.

  3. Documents for the application: These differ by the credit card provider. In general, you should be able to prove your identity and U.S. residential address in your credit card application. You can generally prove your identity through a U.S. government-issued identity document or your passport. You could prove your U.S. address through an SSN, a U.S. bank account, or a U.S. utility or phone bill with your name and your US address on it. Apartment lease contracts or gym memberships are generally not accepted to verify your U.S. address.

  4. Application: In the application, you may see an option or a check-box to apply without having a U.S. credit history, and thereby use your home country's credit history for the application. If you don’t have a U.S. credit score, checking that box will usually enable you to allow Nova Credit to share your home country's credit history with the credit card provider.

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  5. Submit the application: After you fill in your home country credit information, remember to complete the rest of the application and hit ‘Submit’.

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